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2021 LDLD Annual Meeting Notes

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

When: Monday, August 30, 2021 – 6:00 PM

Where: Muskego City Hall – W182S8200 Racine Ave, Muskego, WI 53150

Link to Meeting Presentation: Access slides here


  1. Call to Order / Roll Call: The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM. The following commissioners were present: Tim Laseke, Jeff Jones, and Kevin Kubacki and Kathy Schauer. Absent: Keith Hammitt.

  2. Annual Meeting Notification: The notice of the meeting with the proposed agenda and budget included was sent to all members of the LDLD via USPS. Also, the notice was sent via email on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

  3. Pledge of Allegiance: The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

  4. Approve 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes: Jeff Jones motioned to approve the meeting minutes, seconded by Kevin Kubacki and all approved. (available for review at

  5. General District Information: Tim presented an overview of where to find LDLD information. Please see slide #2 of the presentation for details and visit the Website =

  6. Alum Project Review with Special Guests: John Holz (HAB) and Joe Pallardy (EOR) See slides 4 & 5

    1. Overview: Phosphorus (P) which enters the lake through tributaries (topsoil runoff. P is the main cause of all water quality issues. Once in the water P stays in the water and is available for plants and algae. In the summer, the lake forms layers (thermocline) of decreasing temperature and Oxygen. No O2 in the deep bottom layer breaks the iron (Fe) bonds freeing P to release from sediments. Because of dying plants like CLP, even our shallow areas get O2 deprived at night when the microbes are digesting, releasing more P into the water in August which is mostly food for algae.

    2. Two options to reduce phosphorus: Remove – Dredging and Water Treatment – Expensive or Sequester – Make bio-unavailable by binding to Al, Fe, or Ca (Chara).

    3. John Holz Ph.D. of HAB Aquatics gave an overview of the project to sequester phosphorus – process, cost and expected results.

    4. Joe Pallardy of Emmons & Olivier Resources, Inc. discussed the process for securing a grant for the Alum project and other strategies for managing/improving water quality.

  7. WI DNR APM Changes: All our lake management activities are governed by WI State Statutes Chapter NR107 and NR109 with rules developed by the WDNR. The APM program is undergoing rule revisions for both NR 107 (chemical) and NR 109 (mechanical). A new NR 108 is being developed to consolidate 107 & 109.

    1. The WDRNR has been conducting several virtual presentations, virtual public hearings, and publishing white papers. The LDLD board has attended several of these events.

    2. Our general impression is that the WDNR is increasing the restrictions and obligations of lake management organizations.

  8. Review of 2021 Projects:

    1. Sonar Project Recap: 2 applications of Fluridone in 2019 with booster in spring of 2020. Very effective against Eurasian Water Milfoil but less effective for CLP. Some native affect last year; native rebound this year. Water clarity this year related to native plant rebound and no big runoff events.

    2. Clean Boats Clean Waters: Applied for and awarded 75% matching grant in 2020 deferred to 2021. Hired 4 inspectors to monitor Denoon Park public launch. Program is successful in educating and mitigating Aquatic Invasive Species.

    3. Lake & Tributary Monitoring: Tributary Monitoring via WAV program – Need volunteers. Lake Monitoring via CLMN program – Thanks to Linda Laseke. Monitoring construction sites (Lakeshore, Waters Ct & Denoon Estates).

    4. Alum Project: Completed Phosphorus dosing study. Working with EOR, HAB, WDNR, and BCPL on plan, grant application and financing.

      1. “In my opinion, there is NO OTHER WAY to effectively deal with the excessive nutrients that are in the waters and lake-bed in this region. Most other management tools, if DNR were to even allow them, are treating only the symptoms, not the cause.” -Kathy Aron (retired lake consultant)

  9. Financial Report: Budget Presentation, Discussion, and Approval by Resolution. Jeff Jones motioned to approve the budget, seconded by Kevin Kubacki and unanimous approval by all.

  10. Expansion of Board of Commissioners by Resolution (increase from 5 to 7 commissioners): Tim Laseke introduced Nancy Long and Kyle Troeger as guest attendees of the LDLD Commissioners Meetings. Tim Laseke motioned to expand the board from three to five members, seconded by Kathy Schauer and all approved.

  11. Election of Commissioners: Paper ballots (Tim Laseke-Term Expired 2021, Kathy Schauer-Term Expired 2020, Nancy Long and Kyle Troeger with write-in options) were distributed to all members to cast their votes for the 2022 Commissioners.

    1. Ballots were tallied by Kevin Kubacki and Jeff Jones. Results were the re-election of Tim and Kathy with newly elected Nancy and Kyle.

  12. New Business and Member comments: A number of comments were made:

    1. Nancy informed the members of the quarterly newsletter she is producing.

    2. Issue around the lake water level and outflow. Request was made to at least find out about the history of the dam elevation.

    3. Any initiative to clean-up the lily pads? There is no ability to touch the lily pads.

    4. Weed treatment for shallow areas? The Alum project while not targeting shallow areas will have a positive effect on weeds in shallow areas.

    5. General boating issues such as boats going the wrong way; compliance with new 2021 City of Muskego ordinance specifying sundown to 8AM as “slow no wake”. Be a “good neighbor” and inform/educate other boaters first. Contact the City of Muskego Police if chronic offender or unsafe boating practices continue.

  13. Date set for next year’s annual meeting: Monday, August 29, 2022 selected with a motion from Kevin Kubacki to approve, seconded by Jeff Jones and all approved.

  14. Adjourned: Annual meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Schauer

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