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2024-05-08 LDLD Board Meeting Minutes

2024-05-08 Lake Denoon Lake District Board Meeting Minutes

Approved 2024-6-12

When:  May 8, 2024 from 5 to 7 PM

Where: Virtual Meeting via Google Meet


  1. Call to Order / Roll Call / Meeting Notice Statement

    1. Tim called the meeting to order at 5:01 PM.

    2. Roll Call:

    3. Present: Tim Laseke, Jeff Jones, Kevin Kubacki, Kyle Troeger, Nancy Long, Bob Stollenwerk and Larry Bangs

    4. Absent: 

    5. Guests: None

      1. Guests can not make motions or vote on BoC business.

    6. The meeting was properly posted in accordance with the Wisconsin open meeting law requirements on Friday, May 3, 2024.

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

    1. Those present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

  3. Approve Meeting Minutes

    1. 2024-03-13 LDLD Board Meeting Minutes

    2. A motion to accept the meeting minutes was made by Kevin and seconded by Kyle. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

  4. Financial Report / Budget (Tim & Jeff)

    1. Financial Report period

      1. Previous Cash Balance: $34,257.87

      2. Current Cash Balance: $33,416.34

      3. Previous Invest Balance:   $76,115.12

      4. Current Invest Balance:  $76,115.12

      5. Total Revenue: $0

      6. Total Expenses: $841.53

      7. $4.24 Nancy Long reimbursement for Spring Social supplies 

      8. $108 Nancy Long reimbursement for boat launch AIS cleaning tools

      9. $34.29 Southern Newspapers for chemical treatment public notice

      10. $695 WDNR for ProcellaCOR permit application

      11. Action Item:  Jeff will close the current CD on June 6, 2024

  5. Projects

    1. August 2023 Full PI Survey  (Nancy)

      1. Action Item:  Tim thinks he did post the full PI survey on the LDLD website.  He will check and verify it is there.  

        1. Completed: Tim confirmed that the results were posted in Dec ‘23 and the files are available on the website Archives > Projects > Plant_Surveys > 2023..

    2. Chemical Weed Treatment for 2024 (Tim)

    3. Action Item:  Tim to complete the online application and contracting processes.

      1. Completed:  DNR permit for ProcellaCor was approved By Heidi Bunk on April 11.

    4. Action Item: Tim to obtain agreement document, price and scheduling from Brian Suffern of Solitude Lake Management.  

      1. Completed: Agreement is received and signed.  

    5. Action Item:  Brian will be on the lake the week of May 13 to 17 to do a visual survey and then to make dosing recommendations.

    6. Action Item:  Plan is to treat with ProcellaCor for EWM in June.

    7. CBCW (Tim)

    8. Action Item: Larry to reach out to his neighbor and share the application process.

      1. Completed:  Larry did reach out to his neighbor.  She is not interested in applying to be a boat inspector.

    9. We have one returning inspector, who has begun to take shifts;

    10. We have a possible second returning inspector depending on how many launches we cover this year.

    11. There were 4 additional applications submitted.  

    12. Three were interviewed with one pending interview.  

    13. All three were invited to attend online training offered by UW-Stevens Point.  So far, none have been able to complete training.

    14. One candidate, upon hearing the job details, declined to continue.

    15. With current inspector interest, we will likely drop down to monitoring the single Denoon Park launch.

    16. Spillway Condition Survey (Larry)

    17. Action Item: Tim offered to use the Racine GIS system to identify the property owners along the path of the spillway.

    18. Action Item: Kyle offered to create the “position paper”

      1. Update:  Kyle has completed the rough draft but wants to add pictures to the document.  He also wants to learn the outcome of the “ownership” question that Larry is working on.   Once the draft document is complete, Kyle will send it out to the commissioners for review and comments.

    19. Action Item: Larry to contact the DNR to find out who’s responsible for the maintenance of the culver and for any guidance the DNR can offer us. 

      1. Completed: On April 10, Larry reported to the commissioners that he communicated with Andrea, WDNR,who indicated the spillway was owned by the LDAA and then transferred to the LDLD. 

    20. Action Item:  Larry submitted follow-up questions to Andrea, WDNR, and is awaiting a response.

      1. Ownership change from LDAA to LDLD

      2. Who owns the structure under the road?

      3. Request list of engineers.

    21. Starry Stonewort (Nancy)

    22. 2024 Plan of Action:

      1. DNR to repeat the sub PI grid in the area of waypoint 396 twice in 2024. Tentative dates are July 11 and August 22.

      2. The DNR will create a 2nd sub-PI grid in the vicinity of the Hart Drive launch.

      3. The DNR will do a “spot check” in the area around waypoint 265 to check for any SSW spread.

      4. The DNR will do a “spot check” in the Denoon Park boat launch to check for the presence of SSW.

    23. AIS Removal Station tools were put in place on April 3.

    24. Action Item: Nancy to send an email to Tim with the estimated 2025 cost information. Will wait to see the outcome of the July 11 sub-PI by the DNR.

    25. Mechanical Harvesting (Tim)

      1. Action Item: Tim to reach out to get our lake on the harvesting schedule for late May/early June 2024. 

        1. Completed:: Midwest Aquatics has scheduled harvesting for the week of 5/20/24.

      2. Action Item: Tim indicated he is definitely working to address “floaters” into the contract and that clear communication to riparians prior to the week of harvesting is critical.

        1. Update: Additional support has been requested to push floaters back to the harvester.  Vendor does not have a source of additional labor but is willing to direct labor that we find and to pick up any material on docks.   

      3. Action Item:  Tim will reach out to the CBCW boat inspectors to see if any of them are interested in assisting with the clean-up of floaters

      4. Action Item:  Tim will draft some talking points for a communication to the membership on the weed harvesting and will send them to Nancy to put into an email communication.

      5. Action Item:  Tim to confirm whether or not the conveyor will be removed for the Hart Drive launch at the end of each day.

      6. Action Item:  Nancy will notify the Town of Norway regarding the potential for vehicles and trailers to be parked along Hart Drive the week of harvesting.

    26. North Tributary & DNR Watershed Grant Options (Tim and Bob)

      1. Action Item: Tim and/or Bob will reach out to Cindy Thoda to learn what previous conversations and commitments she had with the farm owners inquisition. 

        1. No update - action item will carry-over to the June meeting

      2. Tim Laseke reported that he inspected the tributaries after a multi-inch rain event.  With regard to the NW tributary, he noticed that the creeks from the two residential retention ponds were delivering clear water whereas the culvert coming from the east that drains the farm fields was brown with silt.  

  6. Preferred Vendor Program (Tim and Larry)

    1. Action Item: Tim indicated he needs to talk with Steve Foglia about his business practices and will do so when Steve puts Tim’s boat lift in this spring.  

      1. Update: Tim needs to repair his lift and has not yet contacted Steve.

    2. Action Item: Kevin also indicated that Steve is putting his pier in the water in early April.  He will also talk with Steve.

      1. Completed:  Kevin did talk with Wes briefly when his lift was put in the water.

    3. Action Item:  Jeff needs to have his lift repositioned and will discuss the DNR requirements at that time.

    4. Action Item: Nancy to send out the previous “talking points” regarding “dock service provider DNR requirements”. 

      1. Completed: Sent Q2 2022 newsletter to the commissioners via email by Nancy on March 14,2024 

  7. New Business

    1. Purple Loosestrife Options (Nancy)

      1. The abundance of Purple Loosestrife, in the wetlands on the west side of the lake, was noted in the Full PI report.  The wetlands are owned by the Sellhausens.

      2. According to the DNR (Jan 4 conference call) options include:

        1. Cut the tops off and apply a herbicide to the stem.

        2. Spray. Permit required.

        3. Biocontrol via Galerucella calmariensis Beetles (Recommended)

          1. LDAA did this about 20 years ago. This would be a volunteer project.

          2. Requires a permit to do a controlled growth of plants in a kiddie pool and enclose the plants in netting to prevent spread.

          3. “Add” the beetles and allow them to grow

          4. Then reintroduce the beetles to the infected areas of the wetlands.

          5. The beetles live on and eat the plants.  Cuts back the plants but doesn’t really kill the plants.

      3. Action Item: Nancy will reach out to Joe Sellhausen first for his thoughts on the DNR options.

        1. Completed: Email sent to Joe on April 5, 2024.  No response so resent on April 28, 2024 Joe responded on April 28…”I'd be willing to entertain controlling or killing the plants. What do we need him to do?”

      4. No one is interested in leading the efforts to raise beetles.

      5. Action Item:  Nancy will check into the permit requirements to spray and what type of herbicide would be used to apply to the tops of the stems.

    2. 2024 Q2 LDLD Newsletter Review (Nancy)

      1. LDLD Q2 2024 Newsletter

      2. Items colored in red need to be updated.

      3. The newsletter was reviewed and updates will be made prior to distribution at the end of June just prior to the July 4th holiday.

      4. Action Item:  Kevin will reach out to Mike Kopac, aka “the plumber”, to see if he intends to lead the July 4th boat parade again this year.   If yes, what time will it start?  

      5. Action Item:  Nancy will add this to the Q2 newsletter.

      6. Action Item: Nancy to update the Q1 document and send it out for approval prior to distribution.

        1. Completed:  Q1 newsletter sent out on Friday, April 5.

    3. LDLD Spring Social Event  (Nancy)

      1. Discussion and decision at the March 13 BOC meeting was to return to Coach’s on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

      2. Action Item: Nancy to reach out and work with Coach’s on the arrangements.  

        1. Completed:  Coach’s was contacted and the date of May 21 was confirmed. Cost of $15/person was agreed upon by Tim, Jeff, Bob, Nancy and Kevin.

    4. Fish Stocking (Kyle)

      1. Action Item: Kyle will start the permit process.

      2. Action Item:  Kyle will reach out to Bob Kargl to confirm the amount of money he intends to donate this year.

    5. Podcast interview with Bonnie Willison (Nancy)

      1. No one is interested in participating.

      2. Action Item:  Nancy will reply to Bonnie Willison.

        1. Completed:   Nancy sent an email reply to Bonnie on  Thursday, May 9.

    6. City of Muskego “interactive maps” have changed on the city’s website.  New maps don’t work like the old ones.  Unable to “click” on a parcel and see owner and tax information. (Nancy)

      1. Action Item: Kevin indicated nothing has changed as far as he knows.   He will check and get back to the commissioners. 

        1. Completed by Kevin via email on March 14, 2024. Interactive maps are working as designed.

    7. No-Wake Order.

      1. The CIty of Muskego Police Chief referred our “No Wake” order to the Department of Public Works who determined the no wake order was not needed.

      2. Action Item:  Kevin will reach out to the police chief and explain the reason for the no wake order and the protocol to be followed in the future.

      3. Tim indicated the “No Wake” sign from Denoon Park is missing.

      4. Action Item:  Kevin to check with the DPW to see if they have the sign.

        1. Completed:   Nancy learned that a city worker found the sign in the Denoon Park bushes and took it to the DPW.  Nancy’s son-in law works for the DPW and will deliver the sign to Nancy who will drop it off at Tim’s.

  8. Monitor Status

    1. Alum (Tim)

      1. Action Item: Tim requested $100 to fund 3 rounds of chemical treatment in 2024.

        1. Completed:  Tim indicated this item can be closed.

    2. Outflow - Water Level Control (Kyle)

    3. Wake/Surf Boats (Nancy)

    4. Denoon Park Boat Launch Improvements by the City of Muskego (Kevin)

  9. Next Meeting & Adjournment:

    1. Next BoC meeting is June 12, 2024 from 5 to 7 PM.  

      1. Note:  BOC meetings will be monthly thru September.

    2. A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Jeff and seconded by Bob. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 PM.

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