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SEWRPC Plan for Lake Denoon

This comprehensive plan is the blueprint for action and the guiding document for the Lake Denoon Lake District. 



Citizens Lake Monitoring Network

A group of District Member volunteers are monitoring water quality on our lake.  Email if you can help.


Dock Service Providers

A WDNR study concluding that dock & boat lift vendors are under educated on Aquatic Invasive Species and decontamination best practices.  Please use as a guide to engage your vendor.


WDNR-SEWRPC Plan circa 1969

An inventory and management plan for Lake Denoon from 1969.  Illustrates the lake changes over decades.



Lake Denoon DNR Site

The official DNR website with a rich collection of facts and figures including:

  • Size = 167 acres

  • Max depth = 55 ft

  • Trophic State Index = 50



Water Action Volunteers

A group of District Member volunteers are monitoring our tributaries for various health metrics.  Email if you can help.


Protecting Your Waterfront Investment Brochure

A great list of 10 easy actions to optimize your property for lake health.


Denoon Lake History

by Rene Steckel as a special project of the Lake Denoon Advancement Assoc.

This is a great document chronicling the earliest days of Lake Denoon.



WDNR APM Rules Site

A source for understanding the regulatory constraints regarding lake management.  These rules are undergoing major revisions.



Clean Boats Clean Waters

Volunteers are needed to assist in monitoring the public boat launch to help prevent the spread of Invasive Aquatic Species.  Email for more info.


Boating Laws and Responsibilities Handbook

A condensed guide to lawful operation of powered watercraft.

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