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2021-04-21 Lake Denoon Lake District Board Meeting Minutes

When: April 21, 2021 - 6:00pm

Where: Zoom Teleconference replay here


  1. Call to Order / Roll Call: The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM. The following commissioners were present: Tim Laseke, Jeff Jones, Kevin Kubacki and Kathy Schauer. Absent was Keith Hammitt.

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Approve 2021-03-24 Meeting Minutes: Jeff Jones motioned to approve the March 24, 2021 minutes , it was seconded and all approved.

  4. Newsletter Release: The Newsletter was reviewed and minor edits were made. Tim made a motion to publish the Newsletter to the LDLD email list and post it on the website. The motion was seconded and all approved.

  5. Alum Dosing Study

    1. HAB Quote: We budgeted $12,000 and the quote was for $11,750 was the quote.

    2. Resolution to Conduct the Alum Dosing Study: Jeff Jones motioned to proceed with the Alum Dosing Study, it was seconded and all approved. Tim will send an email to HAB to get the process going and set a date for the study to begin. Once a date is set, Tim asked that the commissioners plan to meet with John Holz, Ph.D. of HAB Aquatics.

  6. CBCW - Tim had agreed to develop a communication piece about CBCW that included a brief job description for the positions we are looking to fill. He has also created a job application in the form of a Google Docs survey that includes an independent contractor agreement. Both the job description and application will be sent to all commissioners for review/comments and approval.

  7. Culvert - Kevin sent an email to The Town of Norway requesting their assistance to clean out the culvert under Denoon Road. No response has been received yet. The Town of Norway is now on notice about cleaning out the thick algae mats that form and accumulate in the Spring blocking the flow of water downstream.

  8. New Business

    1. Financial Update

      1. Current bank balance is $26,423.81.

      2. No additional revenue since 3/24/21 meeting.

      3. One payable in the amount of $3,600.00 to Innovative Water for the Point Intercept Survey of August 2020.

      4. 2021 Budget spreadsheet was updated and reviewed.

      5. Tim needs to follow up with a payment received from The Town of Norway that seems to be sent in error. Tim and Jeff plan to meet with The City of Norway to clear up the overpayment.

      6. Tim found a budget mistake where $4,000 was subtracted in error. Tim added it back to the budget and we will end the year with a balance of $14,800. The commissioners discussed the possibility of hiring a consultant to help with grant writing for the Alum Treatment.

    2. Denoon Country Estates North: Tim uploaded the construction plans for the proposed new subdivision. The plans were reviewed for stormwater management. We will have net lower sediment from the subdivision versus farm fields. This is good news for Lake Denoon. Kevin and Tim asked the City of Muskego how they will ensure the plans are followed/enforced. Tim suggested visiting the construction site to keep an eye out for anything that seems like the plans are not being followed.

  9. Adjourn: Tim motioned to adjourn the meeting at 6:32 PM, it was seconded and all approved.

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