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Alum Grant Application Submitted to WDNR

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The Board of Commissioners, along with our consultant partner EOR, has developed and submitted a Management Plan Implementation Grant Application relative to the Alum project. This is a 75% matching grant of a $200K project. The final submission documents can be found here.

Advisors to our application include Joe Pallardy (and team) from EOR, Heidi Bunk from WDNR, John Holz from HAB Aquatics, and Bill James from UW Stout. Several of these advisers have indicated that our application is strong and we can expect a high weighting from the review committee. A grant award outcome is not guaranteed however, as Surface Water Grants are very competitive.

The WDNR will announce results in February, 2022. If a grant is awarded, we will continue to the next phase which is to secure funding for our project cost portion through BCPL (who is the lender for our recent Sonar project). We'll likely need to call a special meeting of our members to authorize the loan and to approve an amended budget.

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