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2021-08-19 Lake Denoon Lake District Board Meeting Minutes

When: August 19, 2021 - 6:00pm

Where: Virtual Meeting via Google Meet


  1. Call to Order / Roll Call: The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM. The following commissioners were present: Tim Laseke, Jeff Jones, and Kevin Kubacki and Kathy Schauer. Absent: Keith Hammit. Guests: Nancy Long and Kyle Troeger.

  2. Posting of Meeting Notice: The notice of the meeting was posted by Chistene Crisp in the required three public places 24-hours prior to meeting.

  3. Pledge of Allegiance

  4. Approve 2021-08-11 Meeting Minutes: Tim Laseke motioned to approve the August 11, 2021 minutes, Kevin Kubacki seconded and all approved.

  5. Annual Meeting

    1. 2022 Budget Alternatives: Significant time spent to discuss the special assessment (maintain $220 or increase to $300 or $350). It was decided that an increase to $350 was necessary to fund water quality/weed abatement projects.

    2. Two 2022 Budget Alternatives: The commissioners agreed that our next best project would be the Alum Treatment. This project requires DNR approval, obtain a Surface Water grant and secure a loan. If this is not possible, there are a number of other important projects to undertake in 2022 to address water quality/weed abatement. The two alternatives include a $300 Special Assessment Budget with the Alum Project and a $300 Special Assessment Budget without the Alum Project that will be presented at the Annual Meeting for the members to vote on. Tim Laseke motioned to approve the alternatives, Jeff Jones seconded and all approved.

    3. Annual Meeting Logistics: Election process of expired/expanded board seats was discussed and decided to utilize paper ballots at the Annual Meeting. Kathy Schauer will bring a sign in sheet and Tim/Kevin will ensure there are A/V resources available.

  6. New Business: None discussed.

  7. Adjourn: Tim motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:12 PM, it was seconded and all approved.

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