Slow-No-Wake / Sonar Treatment Monday / Annual meeting 8/26/19


As the water-level remains at or near flood level, we are requesting that slow-no-wake be observed again this weekend.  The water levels drops about an inch per day and we'd like to see it drop at least another 6 inches to avoid damage to shores, piers and boats.  Because of the Sonar treatment next week (see below) slow-no-wake should continue until at least Wednesday.

Sonar Treatment Monday

Weather permitting, our vendor Marine Biochemists is scheduled to apply the Sonar product this coming Monday, June 3.  We are using a pellet formulation so the active chemical will release slowly and will not be at full strength for several weeks.  It will be several weeks after that before we start to see any results.   As a precaution, our vendor is requesting that slow-no-wake be observed for Monday - Wednesday next week to ensure that the pellets can settle in Milfoil weed beds.  As there are no EPA or DNR mandated or recommended lake-use restrictions for this product, we won't be posting notices on piers.  Notice will be posted at the launches.  More details can be found on the Project page of

Annual Member Meeting

As a reminder, the 2019 Lake Denoon Lake District annual member meeting was set at the 2018 meeting and is scheduled for August 26, 2019.  Please mark your calendars.

As always, please drop us an email with any questions or concerns to

Tim Laseke

LDLD - Board of Commissioners

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