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LDLD Q4 2021 Newsletter

The holidays are over and the new year has begun. Some LDLD activities continued well into the fall of 2021. Here are the 4th quarter updates and a look forward into 2022 from the LDLD Board of Commissioners.

Alum Project

The Board met on November 1 to finalize our WDNR grant application. Both the actual grant application and an authorizing resolution were reviewed and unanimously approved. Later that day, Joe Pallardy, EOR, submitted our grant application along with the required supporting documents to the WDNR Surface Water Grant email address.

On December 9, Tim Laseke received a letter from Heidi Bunk, WDNR Water Resources Mgmt Spec for Southeastern WI, which officially approves the LDLD SEWRPC plan relative to the Alum project. This approval letter is required for our grant application.

The WDNR will announce the grant awards approximately February 15, 2022.

The board is very optimistic that our grant request will be approved. Once we hear back from the WDNR, a “special” membership meeting may be needed to discuss the project in more detail. If a special meeting is necessary, a meeting notification will be sent to all LDLD members via USPS in the March/April timeframe. Meeting notification will also be posted on the LDLD website.

Clean Boats Clean Waters (CBCW)

The LDLD CBCW watercraft inspection program for 2021 has ended. During the year, 4 boat inspectors spent 208.5 hours performing boat and trailer checks and educating boaters on how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species at the Denoon Park boat launch. This program is made possible by a 75% matching grant from the WDNR.

The board unanimously approved and submitted a CBCW grant application for 2022 and will be soliciting for paid inspectors this spring.

Mechanical Harvesting Project

Mechanical harvesting of Curly-Leaf Pondweed in early spring has been recommended by Hiedi Bunk to strengthen our Alum project grant application and to improve lake health. The board has received quotes from 3 vendors. Before we can proceed, the LDLD needs to locate a site within 5 miles of the boat launch to deposit the harvested CLP. Kyle Troeger is taking the lead to locate a suitable site.

WI DNR APM Rule Changes

The aquatic plant management program regulates the chemical, mechanical, physical and biological control of aquatic organisms in order to protect and develop diverse and stable native aquatic plant communities. The program is currently regulated under two separate but related administrative rules, NR 107 (chemical control) and ch. NR 109, (mechanical, physical, burning, and manual control). The current proposal is to recreate NR 107 which will unify all control activities under a consistent set of procedures and policies that align with current state and federal law, improving administrative consistency and efficiency as well as customer service. This past fall, the WDNR prepared a draft economic impact analysis (EIA) for proposed rules changes.

“No ATV” Signs on Denoon Road & Hart Drive Boat Launch

Town of Norway Ordinance No. 2021-03, prohibits ATV’s and UTV’s vehicles on all town roads. In 2021, residents on Hart Drive petitioned the Town of Norway to allow ATV/UTV traffic on Hart Drive in order to access Long Lake. Hart Drive is the only exception included in the Ordinance. As a result, the Town of Norway installed two “No ATV” signs on Denoon Road and one “in” the Hart Drive boat launch. The ordinance does not allow ATV/UTV vehicles on Denoon Road or the Hart Drive boat launch.

2022 LDLD Annual Membership Meeting

Mark your calendars for Monday, August 29. The official announcement, location and agenda will be sent via USPS to all LDLD members in August.

Have a question, comment or are interested in volunteering?

Contact the LDLD Board of Commissioners at

For more information on these and other LDLD topics, visit website. Register on the Members page to get emailed updates on all new posts.

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