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Happy Memorial Day Weekend Denooners!

As we're all aware, the lake is at flood-level and we'll be under no-wake rules for this holiday weekend.  Many piers are underwater, lawns flooded, and boats are subject to breaking loose. Please be kind to your neighbors by minimizing waves to reduce damage.  Please also inform your guests. *Per WI statute 30.68(40(b) motorboat operators are liable for the damage caused by their wake or wash.

This latest series of storms has dumped in runoff from neighborhoods, farm fields, and construction sites.  You'll notice the water is muddy colored indicating new phosphorus-rich sediment.  We can expect this to result in another season of high weed and algae growth.  We're still looking for volunteers to join a watershed committee to evaluate our options relative to storm-water management.  Please drop an email to if you can help out.

With regard to this year's weed abatement, we are expecting to begin the whole-lake Sonar treatment soon.  We've been taking temperature profiles at various depths to ensure that stratification has set up as required before we can apply the product.  We are expecting to reduce Milfoil by at least 80% for the next 3 years.  There will be booster applications in late summer, fall and maybe next spring.  The full plan, and a copy of the DNR permit can be found on our website on the Projects page.  

As always, If you have any questions regarding lake management, please call or email any of the commissioners.  Emails and phone numbers can be found on the About page of the website.  You can also email us all at

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend,

Tim Laseke

Lake Denoon Lake District - Board of Commissioners

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