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Weed Harvesting week of 5/20/24

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5/20/24: Due to the stormy weather on Monday, work will start on Tuesday.

The LDLD Board has made arrangements with Midwest Aquatics to harvest Curly-leaf Pondweed and Eurasian Water Milfoil again this year.   Harvesting has been scheduled for the week of May 20 thru potentially May 24.  Weather can greatly impact the harvesting process.  This is much earlier than last year but because of the warm spring weather, everything is growing about 2 weeks ahead of the normal schedule. 

Here’s the details you need to know:

  1. The DNR has been notified as required by our permit.

  2. Pat Campbell, Town of Norway clerk, has been notified that vehicles may be parked along Hart Drive.

  3. Midwest Aquatics will bring 2 harvesters/crews to do this work.

  4. The vendor will arrive at the Hart Drive launch on Monday, May 20 in the morning but will probably not get started until noon.

  5. A conveyor will be parked in the Hart Drive boat launch each day as the cutting activities are taking place.

  6. Each following day, harvesting will resume by 7 AM.

  7. Each workday is scheduled to end around 6 PM.

  8. The conveyor will be removed from the Hart Drive boat launch by 7 PM 

  9. A generous homeowner has agreed to allow Midwest Aquatics to park the conveyor on their property.

  10. Midwest Aquatics will pick up “floaters” on the last day of harvesting, could be Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Riparians are asked to pick up floaters and deposit them at the end of your pier for the harvester to pick up.  Additionally, volunteers are sought to rake floaters back into the harvester's path. Coordination is required, so please respond to this message or send an email to volunteer, and details will be provided.

  11. The harvesters will be secured/anchored in the water at the end of the workday and overnight.

  12. The deposit site owner reserves the right to cap the material amount, at his discretion, which would end the harvesting earlier.

  13. If the harvesting is completed sooner than Friday, May 24, an email will be sent out.

  14. If you have an emergency need to access the Hart Drive boat launch, please contact one of the LDLD commissioners for assistance regarding your needs.  Contact information, email and phone numbers, can be found on   We would need to contact the vendor to move equipment.

Additional information will be sent out as needed.

Thank You for Your Patience and Cooperation

LDLD Board of Commissioners

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