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No Wake 4/19/24 - 5/1/24

Updated: May 4

UPDATE: This no-wake order has expired

Due to recent spring rains, the lake has reached flood levels, resulting in yard flooding and the presence of large debris, such as pier sections, in the water. To prevent harm to both people and property, the board has implemented an immediate no-wake order, effective now until May 1, 2024. Signs will be posted at all launch points, and the Muskego Police Department has been informed. The situation will be reassessed on or before May 1, at which time the no-wake order may be extended or discontinued. Please adhere to this safety measure and inform any visitors. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please contact with questions or concerns.

Note: Per WI Statue 30.68, you can be liable for property damage caused by your boat wake

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