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LDLD Q3 2023 Newsletter

Lake Denoon Lake District

Quarterly Newsletter

Vol 3 2023

Fall is in the air as the summer is coming to a close. Here are the 3rd quarter highlights from the LDLD Board of Commissioners.

Fall Social Event

Tuesday, October 17 at Coach’s on the Lake. Cash bar starting at 5 PM. The lake district will sponsor the pizza’s, salad and garlic bread buffet starting at 6 PM.

Annual Member Meeting

The 2023 annual meeting was held at 6 PM on Monday, August 28 at the Muskego City Hall. Meeting notes and presentation slides are available on the website.

  • Projects for 2023 were reviewed:

    • Alum Project:

      • In 2022, we reviewed our application ratings, reviewed successful grants from Cedar & Balsam lakes, and worked with our WDNR lake biologist Heidi Bunk. We re-submitted last fall and were offered $56,000 and 72 hours to respond which didn’t work for us.

      • We notice that successful alum grants are awarded to lakes on the official WDNR 303(d) Impaired Lakes list.

      • We have decided not to submit this year, look for opportunities to strengthen our application, and submit at some future point

    • Aquatic Plant Harvesting:

      • Our harvesting permit was approved on June 5 of this year.

      • The permit is good for 5 years(2028).

      • We conducted 2 rounds of harvesting with vendor Midwest Aquatics:

        • 6/12 -6/17, 12 dump truck loads, 95 cubic yards. 40% CLP & 40% EWM

        • 8/10 – 8/15, 16 dump truck loads, 128 cubic yards. 80% EWM

    • Clean Boats Clean Waters:

      • Inspectors were hired and monitored the Denoon Park and Hart Drive boat launches.

      • We were awarded a 75% matching grant from the DNR for 2023.

    • Lake & Tributary Monitoring:

      • This on-going project monitors the quality of water in the lake and flowing into the lake. Volunteers are needed!

    • Fish Stocking

      • Through a generous donation from the family of Cindy & Ken Jensen and Bob Kargl, we have submitted a fish stocking application and have contracted with the Gollon Fish & Bait Farm out of Dodgeville, to stock crappie fingerlings this fall.

    • Starry Stonewort

      • Completed:

        • AIS Removal Stations have been installed at the Hart Drive and Denoon Park boat launches

        • 2 Sub-PI surveys were completed on July 13 and August 22. Sub-PI maps show SSW spread is beyond waypoint 397. SSW starts at the Hart Drive boat launch and extends north and east along the shoreline. SSW is beyond piers and boat lifts in about 7-10 feet of water.

      • In Progress:

        • Full PI survey was underway the week of the meeting. The final report is due by the end of November.

        • Results will determine next steps such as: small-scale diver hand pulling at the Hart Drive launch

    • LDLD “spirit wear” showroom is in development. Watch for an email with more information and a link to the showroom.

  • YTD financials were reviewed along with the budget for 2024.

    • The proposed 2024 budget was available (on-line at and the mailed meeting announcement) for review by the members prior to the meeting.

    • The proposed 2024 budget will result in a Special Assessment of $350 per unit for the 2023 tax year.

    • The proposed 2024 budget was reviewed and questions from the attendees were answered.

    • A slight adjustment to the budget was made to include $1,500 for a “condition report” of the spillway on the south shore on Denoon Road.

    • The amended 2024 budget was approved by unanimous vote.

  • The election of commissioners results:

    • Terms were up for Kathy Schauer and Kyle Troeger. Kathy did not run for reelection.

    • Kyle Troeger’s term was renewed and was extended to 2026.

    • Bob Stollenwerk was elected as a new commissioner and extends to 2026

  • Attendee comments included:

    • Weed Harvesting:

      • Harvester did not come in close enough to piers on the south shore and southwest bay areas.

      • Can we look at other harvesting vendors that will come in closer?

      • Can we do a better job of collecting the floaters”?

    • Water Level:

      • The low water level continues to be a concern for members.

      • Anything we can do to keep more water in the lake?

  • Monday, August 26, 2024 was selected for the next annual meeting.

Have a question, comment or are interested in volunteering?

Contact the LDLD Board of Commissioners at

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