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LDLD Q3 2021 Newsletter

The days are getting shorter and nights a little cooler. Fall is in the air as the summer is coming to a close. Here are the 3rd quarter highlights from the LDLD Board of Commissioners.

Annual Member Meeting

The 2021 annual meeting was held at 6 PM on Monday, August 30 at the Muskego City Hall. Meeting notes and presentation slides are available on the website.

  • The Alum Project was reviewed in detail with the assistance of guest speakers, John Holz (HAB) and Joe Pallardy (EOR). Questions from the attendees were answered. This high priority project has the unanimous support of the commissioners and meeting attendees. Target for the Alum dosing in the lake is late Q2 in 2022.

  • WI DNR Aquatic Plant Management “potential” rule changes were shared.

  • Projects for 2021 were reviewed:

    • Sonar weed treatment was done in 2019. Weed monitoring was done in 2021 but no additional weed treatments. This project is now completed.

    • Clean Boats Clean Waters: Inspectors were hired and monitored the Denoon Park boat launch. This project will continue in 2022.

    • Lake & Tributary Monitoring: This is an on-going project to monitor the quality of water in the lake and flowing into the lake. Volunteers are needed!

  • YTD financials were reviewed along with the budget for 2022.

    • The proposed 2022 budget was available (on-line at and the mailed paper meeting announcement) for review by the members prior to the meeting.

    • The proposed 2022 budget will result in a Special Assessment increase from $220 to $350 per unit for the 2021 tax year.

    • The proposed 2022 budget was reviewed and questions from the attendees were answered. No changes were made to the budget prior to the vote.

    • The proposed 2022 budget was approved by unanimous vote.

  • The motion to increase the Board of Commissioners from 5 to 7 was unanimously approved.

  • The election of commissioners results:

    • Tim Laseke’s term was renewed and extended to 2024.

    • Kathy Schauer’s term was renewed and extended to 2023.

    • Nancy Long was added to the BOC. Her term extends to 2024.

    • Kyle Troeger was added to the BOC. His term extends to 2023.

  • Attendee comments included:

    • The very low water level and the dam height in the culvert under Denoon Rd.

    • Lily pads and weed treatment for shallow areas.

    • Boater safety observations and concerns.

  • Monday, August 29, 2022 was selected for the next annual meeting.

Alum Project - Updates Since The Annual Meeting

  • On September 1, 2021, Joe Pallardy (EOR) submitted the WI DNR Surface Water Grant pre application paperwork on behalf of the Lake Denoon Lake District.

  • On September 29, 2021, Joe Pallardy facilitated a conference call with Heidi Bunk, WI DNR Water Resource Mgmt Specialist, and LDLD Commissioners to review the pre application. Heidi identified sections of the document that needed additional clarification, details or data to strengthen our grant application. Another conference call is scheduled for October 13.

  • November 1, 2021 - the final WI DNR Surface Water Grant pre application paperwork is due. Grant awards will be announced approximately February 15, 2022.

  • Activities are underway to secure the loan from the State of Wisconsin, Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL).

  • More detailed information and project milestones are available on the website under the “Projects” tab.

Have a question, comment or are interested in volunteering?

Contact the LDLD Board of Commissioners at

For more information on these and other LDLD topics, visit website. Register on the Members page to get emailed updates on all new posts.

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