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LDLD Q1 2024 Newsletter

This year, the lake froze over on January 15.  The ice was completely off the lake on February 26 for a total of 42 days of ice. This is the shortest number of days of ice since we started keeping records in 2000.  Here are the 1st quarter updates and a look forward into 2024 from the LDLD Board of Commissioners. 

2024 Starry Stonewort Management Plan

Conference call with the DNR took place on Thursday, Jan 4, 2024 to review the 2023 Full PI results from Brian Suffern, the 2, 2023 sub-PI’s by the DNR and to create a plan of action for 2024.  The sub-PI’s will take about a full day. Detail communication to follow in mid-June.

2024 Plan of Action:

  1. Sub-PI dates for item 2 thru 5 are July 11 and August 22.

  2. DNR to repeat the sub PI grid in the area of waypoint 396 twice. 

  3. The DNR will create a 2nd sub-PI grid in the vicinity of the Hart Drive launch.

  4. The DNR will do a “spot check” around waypoint 265 to check for any SSW spread.

  5. The DNR will do a “spot check” at the Denoon Park boat launch to check for the presence of SSW.

Clean Boats Clean Waters (CBCW) 

Our grant application for the CBCW watercraft inspection program for 2024 has been approved by the DNR.  Again this year, the LDLD plans to hire boat inspectors to monitor the Denoon Park and Hart Drive boat launches.  The duties include performing boat and trailer checks and educating boaters on how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.  This program is made possible by a 75% matching grant from the WDNR. To be a “boat inspector”, no previous experience is necessary and training & materials will be provided. We are anticipating 10-16 hours per weekend. The hourly pay will be $20 per hour.  This is a great-paying, part time, summer opportunity to be an ambassador for our lake and help keep it healthy and beautiful!  If interested in submitting an application, contact any Commissioner or send an email to

Spring Social Event

The board has worked with Coach’s on the Lake to sponsor a Pizza Party on Tuesday, May 21 from 5 PM to 9 PM. This is a private event just for us as Coach’s is typically closed on Tuesdays.  Cash bar starting at 5 PM.  A buffet including a variety of pizzas with salad and garlic bread will begin at 6 PM.  This is a social event for Lake District members and not an official Lake District meeting.  Hope to see you there.

Mechanical Harvesting Project

The LDLD permit application for mechanical harvesting of Curly-Leaf Pondweed (CLP) is good for 5 years. We plan to harvest CLP in the late May/early June time frame.  The board has made a down payment to Midwest Aquatics to harvest CLP in 2024 and an appropriate disposal site has been determined. WE are working with the vendor to create a process to capture “floater” that escapes the harvester.  This may include asking riparians to rake what they can in front of their property and place at the end of your pier for the harvester crew to pick up.  This would be only during the week the harvester is actually on the lake.   More communication will be sent out prior to the actual harvesting activity starts.

Chemical Harvesting Project

The LDLD will be submitting a permit application to the DNR for chemical harvesting of Eurasin Water Milfoil (EWM). We plan to treat 26.3 acres of EWM in the mid-June time frame following the harvesting of CLP.  The treatment  plan is to use a product called ProcellaCOR which is more selective for EWM than Sonar and is preferred by the DNR.  The board has made a down payment to SOLitude Lake Management to manage the treatment.

Lake Denoon Boat Launch Replacement

The City of Muskego is planning to replace the Lake Denoon Boat Launch in 2025. This is the only public boat launch on Lake Denoon in the City of Muskego. Due to COVID, the boat launch has experienced increased use in the last couple of years. The boat launch is overgrown and needs to be redesigned to make it easier for boaters to load and unload their boats. The plan is to provide a new concrete ramp, new pier and new driving pattern for drivers. All this work is planned within the original footprint of the road, drop off area, and ramp. The plan is to replace the boat launch in kind. The plan is to remove the old boat launch, add additional stone base as needed, and place 6 inches of new concrete pavement. The footprint of the boat launch is to remain the same.  This project will need approval by the City of Muskego Common Council.   Budget discussions will begin in June.  More to follow on this topic.

2024 Fish Stocking Project

The DNR is expected to stock Lake Denoon with Walleye in 2024.  In addition, the LDLD is working with Gollon Fish and Bait Farm, from Dodgeville, to stock BlacK Crappie fingerlings again in 2024. We will be submitting a permit application to the DNR for this stocking event.  Once again, Bob Kargl has made a generous donation to help support this effort along with additional funding from the lake district.

2024 LDLD Annual Membership Meeting 

Mark your calendars for Monday, August 26. The official announcement, location and agenda will be sent via USPS to all LDLD members in August. 

Have a question, comment or are interested in volunteering? 

Contact the LDLD Board of Commissioners at

For more information on these and other LDLD topics, visit website. Register on the Members page to get emailed updates on all new posts.

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