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Clean Boats Clean Waters Grant - Paid Inspector Opportunity

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Hello LDLD Members,

Your LDLD Board of Commissioners has applied for, and was awarded a 75% matching grant of up to $8,000 so that we can hire some part-time help in operating our Clean Boats Clean Waters program.

We are currently seeking candidates to monitor our two boat launches to help educate boaters and inspect boats & trailers as they enter and exit the lake in an effort to prevent the transmission of Aquatic Invasive Species. No previous experience is necessary and training & materials will be provided. We are anticipating 10-16 hours per weekend for each boat launch. The hourly pay will be between $15 - $20 per hour.

You can find more information about CBCW by visiting the website hosted by UW-Stevens Point. This program has proven to be highly successful in helping to prevent AIS.

Candidates can learn more details by visiting the online opportunity description and can apply directly through the online application.

This is a great-paying, part time, summer opportunity to be an ambassador to our lake and help keep it healthy and beautiful!

If you know someone who may be interested, please share this communication or send an email to

Thank you,

LDLD Board of Commissioners

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